Manuel Carrero Launches Revere City Council Race for Ward 2

Manuel Carrero has announced his intention to run for City Councillor of Ward 2. The following is his announcement:

Manuel Carrero, engineer and 13-year Revere resident, announced today that his campaign would seek to represent Ward 2 on the City Council. Calling the Shirley Ave neighborhood home since moving to the city at a young age, Carrero looks forward to meeting neighbors, sharing his vision of a brighter future for all Revere residents, and hearing directly from them on the challenges and future of the Ward.

“Just as Ward 2’s streets have seen me grow into a young professional in the community, I have bore witness and felt the impacts of tremendous change over the past few years. Our neighborhood has made significant strides, and I aim to ensure that all residents share in the prosperity brought on by this growth. The Shirley Ave neighborhood has a strong tradition of neighborly action and community leadership, and the time is now for that tradition to hold a seat on the Revere City Council.”

Carrero is an operations engineer at Raytheon and a graduate of Revere High School and Merrimack College. A first-generation Latino-American whose mother is a union hospitality worker and father a mechanic, Carrero’s upbringing reflects the hard-working, high-achieving character of Ward 2.

Carrero feels indebted to the community that offered him the opportunity to excel, and is fueled to return that compassionate leadership to all Revere residents. His platform will focus on expanding housing affordability, supporting municipal, community-, and youth-based anti-poverty efforts, and stewarding the responsible growth of Ward 2.

For more information and opportunities to get involved, visit and follow the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For all inquiries, contact [email protected] or (781) 951-4442.

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