Employees to be Honored

Revere Chief of Infrastructure and Engineering Donny Ciaramella, DPW General Foreman Joe Lake, and the city’s Engineering and Water and Sewer  Departments will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the City Council.

City Council President Anthony Zambuto said the individuals will be recognized for their efforts in completing major storm water improvements in the Tuscano Avenue neighborhood to correct the flooding issues which had been unresolved for more than 20 years.

“It was 20 years in the making and it wasn’t done,” said Zambuto. “This motion was in to recognize the outstanding work and I want to say the engineering feat accomplished this as much as the physical work that got it done.”

Ward 6 Councillor Richard Serino, who co-sponsored the motion, said Donny Ciaramella, Joe Lake, and the entire team at the Water, Sewer, and Engineering Department took a 20-year issue in the West Revere neighborhood “and they resolved it.”

Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky recalled city and state officials meeting at the site and seeking to remedy the situation.

“Donny really took the bull by the horns and did a great job down there,” lauded Novoselsky. “This was a major accomplishment and I do want to congratulate everybody involved.”

Rocco Falzone, a Tuscano Avenue resident who had advocated for several years to remedy the flooding issues, took the podium and expressed his sincere appreciation to the duo of Ciaramella and Lake, who were boyhood pals while growing up in Revere.

“You stole my thunder,” Falzone told the Council. “I wanted to come here to recognize Joe Lake and Don Ciaramella. These two gentlemen are the engine for Revere. My team effort is to acknowledge these two gentlemen for what they’ve been doing for the past 17 years in Joe Lake and the past two-and-half years in Don Ciaramella. These two gentlemen, as far I’m concerned, are gold. You have to appreciate the efforts that they make.”

During his remarks, Falzone also commended Mayor Brian Arrigo for his leadership of the city. “Between Mr. Arrigo, Don Ciaramella, Joe Lake, and all you guys [on the City Council], we are all winners,” concluded Falzone.

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