Danielle Allen Exceeds Q1 Fundraising Goal and Grows Team

Special to the Journal

Danielle Allen’s exploratory committee for Governor announced this week that they exceeded their fundraising goal by raising more than $200,000 in the first quarter of 2021. Additionally, committee officials are excited to welcome new key members of their senior leadership including Mail Consultant Maren Hesla from Mission Control, Media Consultant Josh Wolf from AL Media, Senior Advisors Stacey Monahan and Scott Ferson from Liberty Square Group, and Allen Chen.

With over 50 percent of her donations coming from small dollar donors, Danielle Allen’s first quarter raise puts her in a strong position in her exploration of whether she can mount a competitive grassroots campaign to fill Beacon Hill’s corner office.

“I am humbled by the support for our exploration of whether this is the moment to knit our Commonwealth back together,” said Danielle Allen. “This exploration is already showing a path toward the possibility of a grassroots movement.”

Maren Hesla, who has extensive experience in electing women candidates from her time leading the IE program for Emily’s List, will be leading Mission Control’s team advising Allen’s exploratory committee. Joining Maren from Mission Control will be Jonathan Levy and Marissa McBride. 

Josh Wolf, former Campaign Manager of former State Treasurer Steven Grossman’s 2014 gubernatorial campaign, will be leading AL Media’s team advising Allen’s exploratory committee. Joining Josh from AL Media will be Ann Liston, Eric Adelstein, and Tayhlor Coleman.

Allen Chen will be managing Allen’s exploratory committee after working on Senator Cory Booker’s Presidential campaign and managing Sri Preston Kulkarni’s campaign for congress in TX-22. 

Danielle Allen is a policy expert and non-profit leader teaching as a professor at Harvard while also bringing together and leading both traditional and nontraditional stakeholders to tackle our nation’s and our Commonwealth’s biggest challenges. From developing key tools now in use in our federal government’s response to COVID-19 to developing curriculum and DESE guidance for school districts across Massachusetts to educate our children about the importance of democracy, Danielle Allen is a proven leader who aspires to make our Commonwealth serve all, not just the few. 

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