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New Meal Schedule

City officials announced that the meal distribution at Oak Island Park, Gibson Park and Harmon Park will take place only on Tuesday and Friday from 1:15 to 1:45 p.m.

The new schedule will remain in effect until further notice.

Massachusetts National Guard to Provide Continued Assistance in Washington, D.C.

In response to a request from federal authorities for continued support, approximately 400 members of the Massachusetts National Guard will depart this weekend for Washington, D.C., to provide ongoing public safety support to local, state, and federal agencies in the region.

As with earlier Massachusetts Guard assistance in the nation’s capital, the deployment falls under Governor Charlie Baker’s Jan. 25 activation order, which made up to 700 Massachusetts National Guard personnel available at any given time to augment the security and logistics capabilities of various agencies in the region. With the Governor’s consent, this second phase of the federally funded mission is expected to last for 10 weeks. Previously, around 600 Soldiers and Airmen were deployed to the support mission and returned home on Feb. 22.

The mission will not interfere with the Massachusetts National Guard’s ability to respond to and assist in emergencies within the Commonwealth.  The Guard will ensure all appropriate health protection measures are implemented leading up to, and throughout, the mission. This includes pre-departure screenings, COVID-19 testing, and mandatory mask wear. Additionally, Soldiers and Airmen will have individual rooms while deployed to the D.C. area to further reduce risks during this pandemic.

The Massachusetts National Guard trains regularly with military, law enforcement, and civilian agencies to provide a broad spectrum of services in support of security, logistics, disaster relief, and other missions. The Guard has a proven track record of success supporting civilian authorities and their frequent side-by-side training with state and local first responders makes them well-suited for this mission.

Schedule a Vaccine Appointment

COVID-19 Vaccination Update: Adults 75 and over can receive the COVID-19 vaccine starting on February 1 using the statewide website. Find more details on the vaccination eligibility, vaccination locations and information for booking appointments at

Raft Program Rental Assistance

If anyone needs help paying rent, they may be eligible for financial assistance through the Massachusetts Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) program. RAFT has expanded its eligibility requirements to help people with COVID-19 related job losses or financial hardship. Some things to consider:

•Your immigration status does not matter.

•You may be eligible for RAFT if you have not been, or will not be, able to pay rent, mortgage payments, or utilities due to COVID-19.

•You must be in contact with your landlord or property manager (RAFT funds are paid to them).

•If you are not on the lease, you can provide your landlord’s contact information to confirm that you are a tenant.

•If you need help to cover your security deposit (for first or last month’s rent), you can specify the unit you plan to move into, even if you have not yet signed the lease.

•You are not eligible if you are in an Emergency Assistance Shelter.

Households can receive up to $4,000 for a 12-month period. To check eligibility and for help with applications, call the CONNECT Hotline at 617-712-3487.

MassPort Noise Complaint Line

Residents who are being disturbed by airplane noise are encouraged to call the MassPort Noise Hotline 24 hours a day. The phone number is (617) 561-3333.

Arrigo Thanks McGee for his Service to Lynn, State

In an announcement that stunned resi-dents of Lynn and the North Shore Tues-day, Lynn Mayor Thomas McGee said that he will not be a candidate for re-election this fall.

McGee was elected mayor of Lynn in 2017 following his distinguished service as a state senator and state representative. He de-feated two-term, incumbent Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy in the 2017 election.

McGee is the son of the former Speaker of the House, the late Tom McGee.

Mayor Brian Arrigo said he was grateful to Mayor McGee for his 27 years of service in government.

“Over the last few years, Mayor McGee has been a trusted colleague, a mentor and most importantly a friend,” said Arri-go. “I am saddened by the news that Mayor McGee will not seek re-election, but I am grateful for his 27 years of ser-vice to his city and our Commonwealth. Although Mayor McGee’s voice will be greatly missed, I wish him the best in his next chapter.”

Two candidates have announced their in-tention to run for mayor of Lynn in the fall election. Lynn City Council President Darren Cyr and Lynn School Committee member Jared Nicholson announced their candidacies Tuesday.

State Rep. Dan Cahill (D-Lynn) and Councillor-at-Large Brian LaPierre said they will not be candidates for mayor.

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