Veteran Services Director Silvestri Expresses Thanks to Doordash for Generous Gift to City

DoorDash is a well-known online food ordering and delivery company, but to Veterans Services Director Marc Silvestri, DoorDash’s latest delivery in the city was just plain awesome.

Silvestri said the company reached out to the Veteran Services office and donated 80 gift codes (similar to gift cards), each worth $25, to Revere residents, helping them during the pandemic.

Silvestri said the $25 gifts were distributed first to veterans residing in the veterans’ complex at 123 Shirley Avenue.

“They were able to download the codes on to their phones and order from any restaurant that’s on the list for delivery up to $25,” said Silvestri.

The gift cards were then distributed to other veterans in the city.
“In between the monthly food banks, we’d give them the gift codes,” said Silvestri. “Most recently, we’ve helped our chronically homeless in this program.”

A former Revere High football great and highly decorated U.S. Army veteran, Silvestri said he personally contacted DoorDash officials to thank them for their generous donation to Revere veterans during the pandemic.

 “They stepped up in a big, big way in giving us the ability to reach out to our veterans, our seniors, and our homeless in a time of need,” said Silvestri. “It gave us an opportunity to provide a fast, easy solution to their situation.”

Silvestri said he hopes to work with DoorDash representatives on a future partnership that would assist veterans.

Silvestri continues to operate monthly food distribution stations for veterans at the American Legion Hall on Broadway. The food distributions are held the first Wednesday of every month from 10 a.m. to noon.

“Each person receives 70 pounds of groceries, fresh vegetables, eggs, and other food items,” said Silvestri.

Veterans or members of veterans’ families are eligible for the food distribution program.

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