Councilor Keefe Withdraws Motion to Hire an Additional Parking Officer

Ward 4 Councilor Patrick Keefe prides himself on his constituent services, no issue too big or too small to get involved in the heart of the discussion and always working toward a rapid response.

During pre-COVID-19 times, Keefe’s community meetings at Luberto’s Bakery were special, signature events that allowed residents to meet directly with him – and enjoy some of those delicious Italian pastries and coffee.

Ward 4 residents had reached out to Keefe during the past two months about the city’s new overnight public regulations. They weren’t pleased with the lack of consistent enforcement and Keefe decided to make a motion that the city hire an additional overnight parking enforcement officer.

That’s a motion with lofty ambitions because, for one, it would add a full-time position to the city’s budget.

But after hearing Revere Parking Director James Rose’s thorough explanation about his proposal and listening to Rose’s reasoning that he had sufficient staff to enforce the regulations citywide, Keefe withdrew his motion before the City Council was set to vote on it Monday night.

“My intention in increasing the amount of enforcement for the overnight parking program was cut and dry, and responsive to the needs of my constituent base,” said Keefe. “I didn’t think it needed a whole lot of explanation.

“However, I could see where the director of the department (Rose) felt it could have been communicated in advance,” continued Keefe. “I have the utmost respect for the job Director Rose does. So if he says he’s good, then I rust him, hence my withdrawal. If a time comes and he feels differently, I’ll be the first one to push for more support his way.”

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