Serino’s Zoning Board Tracker Proposal is Sent to Committee

The City Council has referred Ward 6 Councilor Richard Serino’s motion about starting a Zoning Board of Appeals tracking system on the city’s website to the Economic Development and Zoning Subcommittee.

Serino said that the “ZBA Tracker” would allow residents to quickly access and gather information about ongoing projects that are before the Board of Appeals.”

Serino said the City of Boston has launched the tracker system successfully “and I think the City of Revere would be well served by a similar tool.”

He said through the system residents would be notified in advance that a project or zoning change was being planned for their neighborhood.

Lor Holmes, a Ward 2 resident, expressed her support for Serino’s plan. Holmes said the ZBA tracking system would make the entire process “more transparent.”

“I look forward to learning more about it and this motion looks to me as a signal in that direction that the Council as well wants to learn more about how we can learn from best practices of other communities,” said Holmes. “I look forward to being a part of the process.”

Serino said he was encouraged by the favorable reception for his “ZBA Tracker” proposal and that he is looking forward to the discussion at the next subcommittee meeting.

 “Although all ZBA agendas and hearings are properly noticed and advertised in Revere, oftentimes, residents don’t realize something has received ZBA approval until after reading it in the newspaper after the matter has been taken up.   A tool like this would allow residents to periodically check in on projects that are before the ZBA in their neighborhoods,” said Serino.

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