Affordable And Accessible: Russo’s Properties Are Bringing New Energy to Shirley Avenue

There’s a reason that developer Jamie Russo has a 100 percent occupancy rate at his new property at 194 Shirley Avenue.

The studio apartments are beautiful, the rents are very comparable to other areas of the city, and the location is ideal.

“Where else can you walk to the train, be in downtown Boston in 15 minutes, and also walk to the ocean?” Russo said.

 The enthusiasm for the neighborhood has never been greater, thanks to the vision and outreach of Mayor Brian Arrigo, who is transforming the area into a gem is that attracting a diverse group of new residents.

“Most of our tenants are service workers in hotels and restaurants, although we have pilots, medical students – the mix has been great,” said Russo, who has 19 apartments at 194 Shirley Avenue. “You talk about diversity. You can’t get a better mix than what we’re seeing on Shirley Avenue.”

Russo’s property at 194 Shirley Avenue has also welcomed a popular, new Mexican restaurant, Esquite.

“It’s a great family that serves delicious food,” said Russo. “I’ve eaten there four times in the past week. Abel and Alicia [Moreno], the owners, do a great job.”

Russo’s most anticipated project on Shirley Avenue will be a new building on the site of the former Bagel Bin Restaurant which will re-emerge in a street-level location.

For Russo, the resurgence of Shirley Avenue as a much sought-after place to live is a point of personal pride.

“Obviously, I’m very bullish on the street,” said Russo. “I grew up in Revere. I graduated from Revere High School. Shirley Avenue was a drastically different place back then [in the 1980s]. I took offense to the way people were talking about Revere back in the day. I absolutely love the Shirley Avenue neighborhood today. I feel it’s about to be the best neighborhood in the city.

“I think Revere is a great city. I wouldn’t change a thing about growing up there. And I’m happy to be a hometown kid investing in the town I grew up in.”

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