McKenna Requests Cleaning of Winthrop Ave. Public Stairs

Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna is requesting that the public stairs at Winthrop and Bradstreet Avenues be patched and cleaned before the start of the winter season.

“I know they need extensive work,” McKenna said at Monday’s Council meeting. “The tops of a lot of these stairs are missing. And there’s rods that are visible and anybody coming down the stairs, especially when it snows out, they’re gonna get hurt.”

McKenna specifically asked that the Department of Public Works “put a coat on the top of them [stairs] and hold them until the end of spring.”

Council President Patrick Keefe lauded McKenna for “a great motion,” before the Council voted to unanimously support the ward councillor’s request.

One observer jested that the forever-diligent councillor had taken a first step toward repairing the stairs – pun intended, we believe.

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