Melissa Jannino Elam Seeks Northeast Voke School Board Seat

Melissa Jannino Elam has formally announced her candidacy for the Revere seat on the Northeast Regional Vocational School Board.  Elam was appointed in June by the City Council to fill out the term of her father, longtime Vocational School Board member Ronald Jannino.

 The following is her announcement:

My name is Melissa Jannino Elam.  I am a fourth generation Revere resident.  I grew up on Lincoln Street with my parents Ronald and Linda Jannino and my brother John.  I attended Revere High School and then obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Bryant College.  Since then I worked in restaurants and have spent the last 16 years working in a food distribution company.

I am married to Craig Elam and we have two children Catherine and Jack.  They have both graduated from Revere High School and are currently attending college.

Through the years in Revere, I have enjoyed an active life in our community.  As a part of Revere Pop Warner for 9 years, I had the privilege to serve as a member of the Board, including Secretary, and the Cheer Director, where we grew a robust program for the children and families of Revere. I also coached Revere Pop Warner cheerleading squads, where we worked hard to win 5 National titles in 5 years in Orlando, Florida. I also was a part of the RHS Cheerleading Parents Club where I was honored to be named the President for 2 years and enjoyed my opportunity to be part of the RHS Track Parent Club as well. For 4 years I assisted the Revere Sand Sharks Swim Club organization with their events and fundraising efforts.

Every organization I am a part of, I give 100% and that’s how I will approach my efforts at Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocation School.  I was appointed in July to complete the term left vacant by my father Ronald Jannino.  I will continue the longtime work that he gave to the City of Revere and the Northeast Metro Tech by ensuring our children have access to the best resources and learning opportunities they need to succeed in vocational education.  I will continue to work closely with the school administration and the school committee members to prepare for the safe return of the students for the 20/21 school year.  While working to improve the school and education for the students, I want to make certain that Northeast continues to operate in a manner that is fiscally responsible. 

Also, I am excited for the opportunity to be part of the leadership team directing the building of the new state of the art school that will be a center of excellence for our young men and women for decades to come.

This school year 20/21 will be like no other.  I have the dedication to help make it as smooth and safe as possible for all.  I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 3.

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