Revere Public Library Announces Winners of First Creative-Writing Contest

Special to the Journal

The Revere Public Library held their first ever creative-writing contest over the month of August. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the library wanted to get the community engaged in something they could do in the safety of their own homes. The contest was designated to get young adults in touch with their creative sides. The contestants were given a prompt to write about a secret world right here in Revere. There were four submissions; Fatal Infatuation, by Karen Restrepo Gomez, The Five Stages of Being a Hero: Name, Power, Suit…, by Janaisam Mendoza, Dragara – A Whole World of secrets, by Giovanna Smith and an untitled submission. The decision was not an easy one. The runner up was Dragora – A Whole World of Secrets and the first place winner was Fatal Infatuation. The Second place prize was a twenty-five dollar check and the first place prize was a seventy-five-dollar check donated by the Revere Society for Cultural and Historic Preservation and the Revere Historical Museum. This is just the beginning of contests so stay tuned for the next one. You can find out more about upcoming events and contests on the Revere Public Library Facebook page or on the website,

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