Giannino Continues Campaign for State Rep.

Following her impressive victory in the Democratic Primary for state representative, Councillor-at-Large Jessica Giannino said she is now focusing on the next five weeks of her campaign leading up the General Election on Nov. 3.

“The next five weeks are just as important as the last five,” said Giannino, who defeated Joe Gravellese in the hard-fought Primary. “Sure, I was contested for the Sept. 1 Primary Election and I’ve appreciated every congratulatory message I’ve received, but for me, that doesn’t translate to being in the clear now.

“I will continue my efforts on the campaign trail by connecting with voters, both those that I have the pleasure of knowing, and those who may have not heard directly from me yet,” said Giannino. “I will set out to gain the support of even more residents in the District and listen, because from here on out, their concerns are my concerns.”

Giannino will be in attendance in her official capacity at the City Council meeting Monday night. “Nothing has changed with my position on the Council. I’ll attend Monday’s meeting, just as I have every other meeting this year.”  Joe Gravellese, who is on a mountain-climbing expedition this week in Connecticut, said, “I’m just very grateful for everyone that came out and voted. It was a record turnout for a Primary and that’s a wonderful thing. We had incredible volunteers that were really passionate about the campaign. I’ll never forget how hard they worked for me in the campaign.”

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