Sachem Street Bridge replacement complete

Everything wears out. And items that are left exposed to the New England weather, as well as the salt air and water tend to wear out faster.
The old footbridge that was at the end of Sachem Street was no different.
Ward 5 Councillor John Powers put an order in August 2018 to have it replaced, and just last weekend it was.
Under the direction of Superintendent of Water and Sewer Department Don Ciarmella, the old footbridge at end Sachem Street off of Bay Road was replaced.
“This will provide safe access to the ballfield and Revere Beach for the residents of this neighborhood,” Powers said, and noted that the bridge is handicap accessible.
The bridge spans the narrowest part of the Eastern County Ditch and the funding for the footbridge had been approved by Mayor Brian Arrigo.

Councillor John Powers and Superintendent Don Ciarmella.

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