City swears in eight new firefighters and promotes another to lieutenant

On Monday afternoon at Revere City Hall Revere City Clerk Ashley Melnik swore in eight new firefighters to the Revere Fire Department as Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo and Revere Fire Chief Chris Bright looked on and promoted another firefighter to the rank of lieutenant.
The firefighters sworn in during the ceremony were Giancarlo Pani, Jason Hill, Michael Mullen, Philip Bulla, George Levasseur, Joseph D’Ambrosio, William MacMillan and Joe Heard.
Promoted to the rank of lieutenant was Revere Firefighter Joseph Noll.
“It is a wonderful day for the City of Revere,” said Mayor Arrigo. “Anytime we have a promotion and eight new firefighters it’s a great day for the city. Public safety is perhaps the most important function of city government. Public safety is personified in the men and women who answer the call for an emergency anytime, anywhere. They don’t ask questions about race, religion or income. They simply just ask questions they need the answers to to do their jobs well. When I talk about firefighters they are everyone’s best friend. In a dire event they are our first responders and really our superheroes.”
Arrigo said the firefighters are not only guardians of the city but protectors, mechanics, and truly Revere’s finest.
“They are so much more than just firefighters,” said Arrigo. “As we celebrate these new firefighters we also have to extend our gratitude to their families because the sacrifice they make sometimes takes a toll on families. So I just want to thank all of you for your achievements and your service. Revere is grateful and thankful.”
Arrigo then congratulated Lieutenant Noll on his promotion.
“Lieutenant Noll has served Revere for the last seven years and his accomplishment today is a reflection of his commitment to our city,” said Arrigo.
Of Lieutenant Noll, Chief Bright said, “I have had many opportunities to work with Lieutenant Noll over the years and he brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the job and he will make an excellent fire lieutenant. I congratulate you on stepping up and taking a leadership role. The fire department will look forward to working with you in the years ahead.”

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