On The Campaign Trail: Sannella Seeking Re-Election To School Board

Frederick Sannella has announced his candidacy for re-election to the Revere School Committee. The following is his statement.

“Please allow me to introduce myself.My name is Frederick Sannella, and I am a candidate for re-election to the Revere School Committee!

Some of you may know me as a former elementary teacher at the Lincoln School. Or as the Assistant principal of the Whelan school.Others may know me as a current member of the Revere School Committee.

With my many years of study in education, and experience, I feel I am most qualified to continue serving on the Revere School Committee.


I am a proud graduate of Revere High School,I hold a B S Degree in Education from

Salem State University, a Masters Degree in Educational Administration, and a CAGS

( certificate of advanced graduate students ) from Boston State College.

Education and public schools, in particular ,have changed dramatically over the years I have been in service in the city of Revere.

Some of the changes include.Teacher training, innovative course development, student and teacher evaluations.

I am pleased to be able to share that Revere has kept in the forefront of many of those changes.

Revere has been diligent in hiring highly trained, competent, professionals. Then we have further enhanced their capabilities by providing mentors, work shops, and in service courses.

Unlike many neighboring communities we have not implemented any fee structure for any of ongoing services.

I am proud to say that I,along with my school committee colleagues , and the Revere City Council, have helped bring the realization ,the biggest changes in Revere educational system.

New Schools:

We have replaced 5 aging and inadequate schools.This has been our most remarkable accomplishment. We are proud of our new state of the art, schools where students and teachers can work under the best possible conditions, with the most up to date equipment.

Continuing with our next phase of construction will be a new Revere High School. The Superintendent, with the approval of the school committee , applied to the MSBA

( Massachusetts State Building Agency ). The application has been accepted, and Revere could receive up to 80% of the cost.

The city of Revere School Department provides equal opportunities for all students.This is all part of the commitment of the Revere School Committee to provide a well rounded education to all students.

Issues important to me in 2018-2019.

Support MSBA funding for new RHS.


Eliminate unnecessary school holidays on school calendar.


Issues important to me in 2020-2019:

Universal recess for all elementary students!

School safety for all students and teachers!

In closing let me say that it is my pleasure and privilege to have been an elementary teacher at the Lincoln School, an assistant principal at the Whelan School ,as well as a member of the Revere School Committee. My commitment and knowledge are your assurance that i will continue to do my best in developing and maintaining a first class school system with optimum work environment,dedicated teachers and well educated students!

Please support me, Fred Sannella , in this effort,with your vote on Tuesday November 5, 2019.”

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