Hard Work Pays Off : Vanessa Biasella Returns to College for Master’s Degree

Not everyone takes the conventional road to advanced education, but one Revere woman did and is now hoping to make it back to the school system that she graduated from – this time as a teacher.

At 42 years-old, the mother of four and wife whose husband works as a carpenter, Vanessa Biasella of Robert Street was proud to finally earn her master’s degree in education from Salem State University in May. Actually, Biasella credits Salem State’s four plus one program – four years for a bachelor’s degree plus one for a master’s instead of two.

“You double-up on undergrad and grad courses,” she said, explaining there were day and night classes and three summers of six classes. On the home front, she said it was a team effort with her two older sons watching the two younger ones.”

She added that nothing puts a strain on a family like the idea of looming college tuition and having to figure out childcare at the same time.

Another source of help came from the women who work at Adventures of Learning, 200 Winthrop Ave.

“Without them there were days I thought I would have lost my mind,” she said.

Biasella has earned her teaching license for history in Grades 5-12 and is also a certified maritime archeologist — and very interested in the “Diana” and the Battle of Chelsea Creek.

Biasella has spread her application all over, but she really wants to work at Revere High School.

 â€œGrowing up, I felt like going to college wasn’t encouraged. We didn’t have the money. It wasn’t expected – I was going to be a secretary or a housewife the rest of my life,” Biasella said.

Prior to obtaining her associates degree from Bunker Hill Community College, Biasella worked in daycare where she was able to also include her kids.

“I love learning and I want to keep going,” she said

Biasella is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Revere Society for the Cultural and Historical Preservation, the City of Revere Cultural Council and vice president of the Revere Alumni Association.

Biasella is no stranger to working in public schools such as  Saugus High School and the Browne Middle School in Chelsea.

Reflecting on her teaching goal, she said,  “Who better to teach Revere kids than a Revere kid?”

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