Capt. Dominic LaSala Retires From Revere Fire Department

Capt. Dominic LaSala was honored during a retirement ceremony June 26 at the Central Fire Station celebrating his 38 years of dedicated service to the Revere Fire Department.

“Dominic LaSala will be forever remembered on the Revere Fire Department as a ‘good Jake,” said Fire Chief Chris Bright. “And being called a good Jake in our profession is the highest compliment we can extend to a fellow firefighter.”

The impressive ceremony, referred to as a “General Roll Call” is a firefighting tradition that recognizes and honors members of the department who perform extraordinary acts. LaSala’s fellow firefighters, attired in their handsome dark blue uniforms, joined proud family members and city officials at the ceremony.

Bright said that LaSala worked virtually his entire career assigned to Revere’s busiest fire company – Engine 4.

LaSala was known as an excellent mentor to young firefighters. “Early in my career I was lucky to have worked alongside the captain and he taught me so much,” said Chief Bright. “He was old-school, dedicated, a workaholic, and tough as nails. His personality would always light up a room, making everyone laugh or feel better.”

Bright said that “Captain Dom’s file is full of commendations.” The chief noted the depth of heroism for which men and women in this profession are known for and how they must often react on a moment’s notice.

Bright cited a 10-alarm, wind-driven conflagration on Dec. 14, 1990 on Highland Street. “The conflagration turned out to be the fourth fire Dom and his group fought on that memorable night,” said Bright.

“And most recently, May 16 on Griffin Street, Capt. LaSala and his Engine 4 crew were recognized for rescuing nine baby ducklins from a storm drain and safely reuniting them with their mother, who was anxiously standing by on scene,” said Bright.

Bright then said of the revered captain: “Here at the Revere Fire Department, the simple truth is that Capt. Dom is one of the most loved firefighters this department has ever seen. He has given 38 years of extraordinary service protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Revere. And we – his brother and sister firefighters, retirees, elected officials, family and citizens are all grateful for your service,” said Bright.

LaSala elected to be brief in his remarks, but it was clear that he was touched by the beautiful tribute and the large crowd that had assembled for the momentous occasion.

‘’Good morning to my family, my extended family my friends,” began LaSala. “If I could sum it all up, it was an unbelievable experience. If you can’t get up every day and do something you love, then what’s the sense of living? “Being part of the Revere Fire Department was my biggest and proudest moments of my entire life.

“Every day that I would come to work was like my first day on the job,” said LaSala. “The many memories that I have with each of every one of you will last a lifetime for me. Every time we made a difference in someone else’s life was my biggest gift. It’s the best job in the entire world and I want to thank you all, and please stay safe.”

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