Police Briefs 05-15-2019

Revere Man Summoned after Chase

A 39-year-old Revere man has been summoned to court after leading police on a chase May 6 through the city at speeds that approached 100 mph at times.

Around 2:42 p.m., officers observed the man pass through the Whelan School area at a high rate of speed during school hours. Officers pulled the man over and told him he was going too fast. He began to argue with police, and then took off. Police followed him at about 35 mph with their lights and sirens off.

He ran the red light at Broadway and Malden Street. Then he blew through the red light at Revere Street and Broadway.

As they approached Brown Circle, the man hit the gas and was travelling at speeds around 100 mph, police said.

At that point, supervisors called off the chase and the owner of the vehicle was summoned.

Mario Damore, 39, of Revere, was charged with failing to stop for police, operating recklessly, failing to stop, and speeding.

Fled the Scene

A Lynn man accused of drunk driving allegedly fled the scene on May 7 after hitting a car on Sargent Street.

Around 8 p.m., police got a report and several calls saying two vehicles had been in an accident on Sargent and Griffin streets. The operator of one of the vehicles was reported to have fled the scene. Witnesses said the driver of one of the cars hit another car in the rear.

They observed that driver to flee the car shortly afterward.

Police found the man two streets over, and after an investigation, placed him under arrest.

Joseph Quinn, 54, of Lynn, was charged with operating under the influence of liquor (second offense), negligent operation, speeding, and leaving the scene.

Lowell Man Fled

A Lowell man has been summoned to court after getting involved in an accident and fleeing the scene on Park Avenue May 4.

Witnesses called police around 11:41 p.m. and reported that a man had hit two parked cars, stopped his vehicle and fled the scene.

One witness observed the man to be bleeding from his face and tried to follow him on foot. However, the driver got away.

Police searched the area to no avail and have summoned the owner of the car.

They did find an open container of alcohol in the vehicle afterward.

Hector Aracena, 32, of Lowell, was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, negligent operation, marked lanes violation, speeding, and possession of an open container of alcohol.

Movie Feud

One woman and her daughter were apparently assaulted by a loud talker in the bathroom of the Showcase Cinema on May 9.

The woman reported that the day before, she was at the movies with her daughter when she encountered a woman talking loud next to her during the movie. After unsuccessfully asking her to quiet down, a theatre worker came and stood next to the loud talker.

After the worker left, the woman began talking again loudly.

When the movie was over, the victim and her daughter went to the bathroom, and the loud talker followed them.

As they were inside, the victim reported that the woman blocked the doorway and wanted to know if they had a problem.

At that point, she pushed the woman and her daughter, but they were able to escape.

Police are investigating.

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