Powers has Questions about Wonderland Parking Permit

City Councillor John Powers has questions from about the parking of vehicles at the now-demolished Wonderland Park site on VFW Parkway.

According to Powers, the special parking permit, that was awarded in 2013 to the owners of the property, expired in July, 2015. At Powers’ urging, the building inspector issued a cease and desist order, which Wonderland appealed to the Revere Zoning Board of Appeals.

“The Board of Appeals agreed with the building inspector and upheld the building inspector’s decision,” said Powers.

Shortly after that decision, the Wonderland owners appealed the matter to Suffolk Superior Court in Boston. That case has not yet been heard by the court.

“There are hundreds of cars being parked at Wonderland on a daily basis,” said Powers. “My concern is that the vehicles are not only increasing the amount of traffic in the city, but the city receives no revenues from these vehicles being parked there.”

Powers said he has reached out to City Solicitor Paul Capizzi, who is following the current situation.

In an unrelated matter, Powers filed a motion at the last Council meeting regarding the Thayer Avenue boatyard, which he said was in “deplorable” condition.

“The property has a large amount of debris, while some of the barrels and other materials from the boatyard are also floating in the nearby Pines River,” said Powers.

In his motion, the councillor has requested that the city’s outside counsel appear before the Council in executive session to discuss the matter.

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