RCN Gearing Up for Cable Television Option

Residents have been noticing RCN trucks on local streets and special mailers in the mail from RCN.  Soon they’ll be able to choose their cable service from Comcast or RCN.

RCN obtained its license from the city in the past year and since then RCN has been establishing its fiber optic network.

Jeff Carlson, senior vice president and general manager for RCN, said that this is a $10 million investment in the Revere network. RCN expects to have 11,000 homes active by the end of this year, roughly half the city. RCN is working from the south side of Revere, extending its network from Everett.

“We have been trying to activate 2,500 per homes per month and will do to the end of June 2019,” Carlson said. “People may have already received mail pieces, there are also billboards and we will meet with the mayor on Oct. 1 to let the city know of the partnership.”

Activation of RCN service started early this month. Homes that can access RCN now can purchase the company’s Broadband product.

“As we activate nodes the service becomes available,” Carlson said. “Once a home is activated people will receive mail pieces. People who have service can be hooked up right away.

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