Powers says Wonderland Park Demolition is on Target for Completion by this Winter

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers visited the Wonderland Greyhound Park site Thursday, looking on as workers resumed their demolition of the former greyhound track.

“They demolition project is back on target for completion by this winter after a brief delay because there was a problem with asbestos throughout the building,” said Powers. “The problem was addressed at a meeting I attended with the owners of the property, Department of Environmental Protection officials, Economic Development Development Director Bob O’Brien, and the demolition contractor. The DEP gave the okay to the owners of Wonderland Park to continue their demolition of the entire building.”

Workers were observed last Thursday tearing down the former clubhouse at Wonderland. The grandstand portion of the building will be demolished in November after the asbestos has been removed, according to Powers.

Powers said he and the late city councillor and former Mayor Robert Haas Jr. filed a motion “a few years ago” to demolish the Wonderland Park building.

“It was our feeling that in its current condition, it constituted a blighted area,” said Powers. “I am pleased that the area is being cleaned. In Wonderland’s hey day, it provided many jobs for residents of the city and a strong tax base. It is my hope that the property will be developed in a positive manner that will once again benefit the residents of the city.”

Chip Tuttle, spokesperson for CBW Lending, owner of the Wonderland Park property, said he was happy to see the demolition of the property moving swiftly toward a conclusion.

“We really appreciate the city’s patience as this process has taken much longer than anyone anticipated or hoped for,” said Tuttle. “The good news is that the demolition is progressing and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Tuttle added that the owners of the property are looking forward to working with Revere officials on the development of the site.

“We’re really looking forward to working with the city  on the Wonderland property and contributing to all the good things that are happening in Revere,” said Tuttle. “We can work with the city on options for Wonderland that will contribute to the betterment of the community.”

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