Suffolk Downs Advisory Board Looks at Possible Traffic Issues

The Suffolk Downs Advisory Board began the discussion of transportation and traffic last Wednesday night at its regular meeting with HYM Investments, owners of the development.

With the impact of the proposed development on the area, HYM representative Doug Ganz said they are undertaking a large traffic study which includes over 59 intersections.

The study will reach to Lynn and Route 1, Bell Circle, Brown’s Circle and more. Improvements will be made to Donnelly Square, Winthrop Avenue, Tomasiello Drive, Furlong Drive and Route 1A past the gas tanks.

Ganz said they expect to widen Route 1A by removing the center grass strip and making it three lanes in each direction instead of the two now there.

“We have to do the study before the first phase,” said Ganz.

“This is the beginning of the transportation discussion,” said Bob O’Brien of Revere’s Economic Development office.

HYM Investments, owners of the Suffolk Downs property, have been working with VHB transportation experts from Watertown.

“There will be a hierarchy of streets throughout the project,” said HYM head Tom O’Brien. “There will also be four distinct districts, Belle Isle Square, the panhandle, a center section and Beachmont Square.”

In addition, there will be a network of bicycle paths, actually raised cycle tracks. These raised cycle tracks will also be on Winthrop Avenue. There will be a pedestrian loop and HYM shuttle buses running inside the development providing access to the Blue Line. Connections are also being considered to the East Boston Greenway.

“Eventually you’ll be able to ride a bicycle from Revere Beach to Maverick Square,” said Tom O’Brien. “Shuttles are also important to us for making connections to North Station, Chelsea’s Silver Line.”

They are even looking into potential connections to the Rockport and Newburyport lines.

The study will also look into the intersection of Winthrop Avenue at Revere Beach Parkway. This most likely will resort to Harris Street being one-way going in.

The city is currently undergoing its own traffic study for Revere Beach Boulevard.

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