Class of 2018 Graduates from Northeast Metro Tech

On Friday, June 1, graduates from 15 different vocations were celebrated and received their diplomas during a graduation ceremony at Breakheart Stadium.

Superintendent David DiBarri encouraged students to seek out leadership opportunities as they grow in their professional and personal lives — by pursuing management roles, joining their trade’s union or becoming a coach of their favorite sport.

“The United States is still the greatest country on earth but it is up to you and future generations to ensure that we continue to get better and better,” Superintendent DiBarri said. “Please remember that you will always be a member of the Northeast family. It is our hope that in the years to come that all of you will have some connection to Northeast.”


Graduating students from Revere were:

Salma Akki

Astride Azaris

Sophia Basile

Jacqueline Beneski


Jocelyn R. Brown Czerwinksi

Gabriel Casasanta

Giselle Catano Zapata

Vanessa Chicas

Emily R. Citro

Bianca Colella

Antonio Coleman

Rebecca A. Corbett


Michael Corrao

Katheryn E. Cyr

Domenic DiLiegro

Kristian T. DiStefano

Joselin Dominguez

Tyler Doyle

Reynaldo Duran


Paul Fabiano

Petrina Flores

Jose Foronda Martinez

Yarixa Garcia Martinez

Briana Giovannucci

Andres Gonzalez Medina

Elizabeth Guerrero Cano



Emily Laurina

Andy Lopez Contreras

Britney R. Lounsbury

James MacMillan

Noah Octave

Lisbeth D. Osuna-Chacon

Trey Potenza

KassandraRamoz Martinez

Alexander Rivera

Martha Ruiz

Anthony Sasso

Kaylene M. Sheran

Zachary Smith

Courtney A. Tatrouns

Laura Tejada Sierra

Taylor Tenaglia

Moises Vargas

Valentina Vasquez Garcia

Milton Villanueva Figueroa

Earl Zibell

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