Beachmont Stairs Need Repairs

The public stairs are a vital link to public transportation stops and an integral part of navigating on foot around Beachmont .

Monday night Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna and representatives of the Beachmont Improvement Committee called for the city to repair them and keep them in safe working order.

McKenna’s motion requested that the mayor have the Department of public works to facilitate the repair of two concrete sets of stairs and two wooden sets of stairs.

“They’ve been neglected for a long time and this is my third motion to try and fix them,” McKenna said during the council meeting. “The stairs on Endicott Ave. (to Bellingham) are tilted. The concrete ones are missing stairs and pieces of stairs. Before anyone gets hurt we really need to address the problem.”

Kathleen Heiser, of the Beachmont Improvement Committee, also spoke about the condition of the stairs.

She noted the stairs from Pearl Avenue to Crescent Avenue actually shake when walked on.

The stairs at 882 Winthrop Avenue are crumbling. Unity Avenue to Bradstreet Avenue is another set of stairs in need of repair.

“People need reliable walking paths,” she said. “There’s a two-part solution, one addressing safety issues and the second part is planning for and budgeting for ultimate replacement and upgrades.”

“For two years Councilor McKenna has tried to get them fixed. Quite honestly I think it’s politics,” said Councillor George Rotondo.

Councillor Steve Morabito said all the public stairs around the city should be inspected and repaired.

“Students use these stairs traveling to and from school,” Morabito said.

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