Parent Day at Revere High Set for Nov 17

By Lani Stevens

For the first time ever, Revere High School is welcoming hundreds of parents to come to observe their child’s classrooms in celebration of American Education Week. The parent day will be hosted on Wednesday, November 16 and Thursday, November 17 from 8 to 9 a.m. Principal Lourenco Garcia believes that there is an immense need for parents to experience Revere High’s learning culture. “It’s important to see how teachers interact with students, how they are assessed and how they are measured.”

Garcia finds parent involvement crucial to a student’s success and stresses the importance of parents and educators working together to ensure a strong education. He recognized the efforts from the parents participating in PTO and school improvement, comparing them to “allies” in the battle of education. He also explains how a holistic support system from both teachers and parents is necessary in a child’s academic achievement. Garcia and other administrators hope the parent day can give an insight to parents less familiar with opportunities at Revere High School including its national ranking as Best Urban School in the nation.

Showcasing the multitude of accomplishments of Revere’s education system, Garcia plans to address the true history behind American Education Week. He noted that in 1919, the National Education Association became increasingly worried about the 25% of World War 1 draftees that were illiterate. Garcia finds this epidemic is still very prevalent today, stating, “Illiteracy isn’t disappearing. There is a gap that needs to be closed for the 19% of students here at the high school that cannot read or write properly.” American Education Week was created as an investment to promote literacy, an ongoing struggle that we as an urban district face. Revere High School is composed of students that speak a variety of different languages, many of which are ESL students. “Each and every student has special needs we – parents and teachers – have to address” these needs Garcia explains.

Parents will receive an email to register for the upcoming Parent Days. In addition, administrators invite parents to attend Parent-Teacher conferences on Tuesday night, November 15, from 4-6PM.

Lani Stevens is a senior at Revere High School.


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