Communities Band Together for Health

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

In an attempt to bolster the health of Winthrop, Chelsea and Revere the communities have banded together to form a health collaborative and hire a regional public health director who will work on policy, reports and more.

The person hired will take a regional look at trends and work with local Boards of Health. A signing ceremony will take place in Revere next Tuesday, Nov. 15 at Revere City Hall.

“This allows us to pool resources and tackle complex and common challenges that don’t stop at our boarders, such as opioid addiction,” said Winthrop Board of Health Chairman Nick LoConte.

He added that this is also a way to have the collaborative communities compete for grant money that larger municipalities tend to get.

While the Town Manager of Winthrop and the Mayors of Revere and City Manager of Chelsea created the collaborative, its not a new idea. The idea to have one person pull all three municipalities

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