Letters to the Editor

Morabito says  Thank You

I want to thank everyone who put so much time and effort into our Senate campaign. Unfortunately, we we were not successful tonight.   It was nice to meet so many people along the campaign trail.

I am proud to say that we ran against the finest Senatorial Candidates and I applaud them for their spirited campaign.

Everything in life seems to be about timing and the people of this district decided it was not my time. I look forward to giving it my all as Revere City Councillor.  Thank you once again for always being by my side with your support.  Also, congratulations  to our new Senator Elect Joe Boncore and his team for a clean  and well earned victory.

Steven Morabito

Revere City Council VP


Cleanup of Oak Island Park a great success

Dear Editor

On Saturday, Mayor Brian Arrigo and his staff, State Representative RoseLee Vincent, City Councilors John Powers and Joanne McKenna, and newly nominated Senate candidate Joe Boncore joined neighbors in a cleanup of Oak Island Park on Saturday, April 16.  The Oak Island Neighborhood Group, the Saugus River Watershed Council and Kelly’s Roast Beef provided volunteers and material support to the cleanup event, which was extremely productive and helped prepare the park for major renovations that are happening later this summer. The City will host neighborhood cleanup events each of the next two weekends: Saturday, April 23 in West Revere (meet at the dog park at 10 AM) and Saturday, April 30 (meet on Salem Street at the Bike Trail entrance at 10 AM). For more information, contact Neighborhood Organizer Elle Baker ([email protected]) or Joe Gravellese in the Mayor’s office ([email protected]).

Mayor Brian Arrigo

No More Holy Days?

Dear Editor:

Back when I had a daughter in middle school over in the City of Quincy, one winter there were so many snow days that the Quincy Public Schools decided to remain open on Good Friday.

It set off an uproar. In the end no students were marked absent if they didn’t go to school on that Christian Holy day. No way would my daughter go to school on that day. Common sense won out the day.

Now I hear in the City of Revere, the School Department and School Committee have decided to cancel all religious Holy days and keep the public schools open. All fine and good, but I hope any parent that keeps their children out of school on these Holy days should not have their children marked absent.

It appears our national culture and our religious values are seen as inconvenient and I say too bad for that. Christian, Muslim and Jewish students should not be required to attend school and sacrifice their religious values and upbringing. Americans all have a right to practice their religion freely. If public schools must be kept open in order to be so-called productive, the practice of religion cannot be curtailed or impinged by public schools.

We keep pushing religion out of the public square at our own peril.

Think about it.

Sal Giarratani

East Boston

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