Congratulations, Joe Boncore

We congratulate Joseph Boncore on his victory in the Massachusetts State Senate Democratic Primary Special Election that was held April 12.

Joe is unopposed in the general election on May 10 so he stands poised and ready to become our next state senator and succeed Anthony Petruccelli in this esteemed position as one of 40 senators statewide.

Joe conducted an outstanding campaign throughout the district that included the entire of Revere. Joe’s hometown of Winthrop rewarded his strong record of public service (he is chairman of the Winthrop Housing Authority) with a tremendous vote that helped propel him to victory.

Joe displayed popularity across the district, where his message of optimism and helping all generations resonated with voters across the political spectrum.

Moreover Joe displayed a tremendous knowledge of the issues and problems – education, the opioid crisis, public safety, and pay equity for all – that are facing the Conmonwealth and the nation. Joe impressed everyone he met on the campaign trail Voters universally acknowledged both his intelligence and his sincerity in his desire to make our state a better place to live for all residents.

We have no doubt that Joe will represent Revere and the rest of the district very well in the State Senate.

We also must note the campaigns of former Revere mayor Dan Rizzo and Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito.

Dan received the highest number of votes in Revere, as residents appreciated his excellent record of public service in the city as a member of the City Council and as Mayor for the past four years and they delivered to Dan a victory by a substantial margin at the Revere polls.

Steven articulated his message well on the campaign trail and voters across the district benefited by hearing his viewpoints on issues at the various candidates’ forums. Steve is a hard-working councillor and he will be back in the Council Chambers at the next meeting speaking out for Revere residents on the important issues that come before the Council each week.

How Revere Voted in the State Senate Election

Daniel Rizzo – 2, 643              Joseph Boncore – 869

Jay Livingstone – 753              Steven Morabito – 549

Diana Hwang – 314                 Lydia Edwards – 236

                             Paul Rogers – 18

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