Thank You Firefighters

We want to applaud the heroic actions of Revere firefighters, Lt. Corey Robson and firefighter Chuck DelGreco-Roman, whose efforts resulted in the rescue of Revere resident Albie Sheridan from icy waters last Thursday.

Their immediate response in this emergency situation in below-freezing temperature helped save Sheridan and his two dogs, Lola and Thunder.

Millions of television across the world saw video of the Revere Fire Department’s dramatic rescue.

Firefighting is a noble profession with many risks. The Revere Fire Department was called in to a dangerous and life-threatening situation and the firefighting team performed so very well and so professionally to save Mr. Sheridan and his dogs.

Thank you, Revere Fire Department, for all you do to help our residents in a time of urgent need and in emergencies such as this one.

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