Committee on Track With Kelly

We commend the Revere School Committee for moving forward in their negotiations of a contract with Assistant Superintendent Dianne Kelly for the position of superintendent of Revere public schools.

Kelly has been involved in the Revere schools for 20 years. She has been an excellent teacher and administrator and has had the benefit of the tutelage of Supt. of Schools Dr. Paul Dakin – arguably the best superintendent in Massachusetts.

All that is well and good but the best thing is that there will be no change in core philosophy.

There will be no radical change in the way teaching and learning are conducted in the Revere schools.

The Revere schools are in a very good place and are some of the best urban schools in America. That was evidenced by last year’s designation from NCUST, proclaiming Revere High School as the best urban high school in the United States.

Dianne Kelly was part of the team that built a school system that has achieved at the highest levels one could imagine.

Parents are happy with the schools. Teachers are happy with the schools. Students are happy with the schools.

Revere schools, under the current leadership that includes Kelly, have demonstrated that they are more than on the right track. Why would we deviate from that track now?

We agree with the School Committee that Dianne Kelly is the right choice to keep the schools on track and ready to take the next step.

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