Baker-Coakley Race Razor Thin in Revere

More than 11,000 voters came out on Nov. 4 for the State Election, and the local results for the gubernatorial race mimicked the razor thin margins that were seen statewide – except with Democratic candidate Martha Coakley barely winning in Revere.

Locally, Coakley beat Baker by 234 votes, 47.5 percent (5,546 votes) to Baker’s 45.5 percent (5,312 votes). It was a nail biter locally that was emblematic of the overall statewide race.

Coakley seemed to be propped up by strong voting from Beachmont and other eastern parts of the city that went in her favor. Conversely, Baker prevailed strongly in Revere’s busiest polls – that being St. Mary’s. In those two precincts (6-1 and 6-2), Baker prevailed 990 votes to 673 votes – a major lift up for the Republican candidate who would have otherwise lost by a much greater margin in Revere.

Baker also took the Point of Pines and the American Legion (4-1).

Interestingly enough, while the west side of the city went for Baker and the east side went for Coakley – the middle of the city was on the fence.

Precincts along the Central Business District were nearly tied, such as at 3-1 in the Lincoln School where Baker beat Coakley by one vote (299-298). Other similar examples were:

  • Central Fire, 288 to 301
  • Lighthouse, 366 to 341

In other races, the only other close battles on the ballot were the Question 1 and Question 3.

Question 1 was whether or not to repeal the automatic gas tax increase legislation, which was defeated statewide and also in Revere. Locally, the question won 44 percent to 41 percent.

Question 3 – the casino repeal measure – was defeated 54 to 42. That pretty much mimicked the referendum vote that was held last February as there has been a fairly consistent 40 percent of the electorate that has registered their anti-casino message.

On Question 2, the expansion of the bottle bill, Revere followed the state vote with a skunking of the measure, 78 percent to 17 percent.

Question 4 dealt with mandating earned sick time for employees and passed 62 percent to 36 percent.

In other results:

  • U.S. Sen. Ed Markey won 66 percent of the Revere vote to Brian Herr’s 26.5 percent.
  • Maura Healy won 61 percent of the vote for Attorney General over John Miller’s 30 percent.
  • Secretary of State William Galvin got 63 percent of the vote to Malden’s David D’Arcangelo’s 24 percent.
  • Deb Goldberg won the Treasurer vote 54 percent to Michael Heffernan’s 30 percent.
  • Auditor Suzanne Bump got 53 percent of the vote to Patricia St. Aubin’s 28 percent.
  • Congresswoman Katherine Clark won an unopposed race with 67 percent of the vote.
  • Governor’s Councillor Terrence Kennedy took 59 percent of the vote to Vincent Dixon’s 25 percent.
  • State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli won an unopposed race with 72 percent.
  • State Rep. RoseLee Vincent won an unopposed race with 69 percent.
  • House Speaker Bob DeLeo beat Paul Caruccio with a vote of 69 percent to 23 percent.
  • DA Dan Conley got 69 percent of the vote in an unopposed race.
  • Felix Arroyo won the Register of Probate with 65 percent of the vote.
  • Sheriff Steven Tompkins won 61 percent of the vote to Hassan Smith’s 17 percent.
  • The overall turnout for the election was 11,665 votes, which was 44 .5 percent of registered voters. There were 26,204 voters registered for this election.

Baker vs. Coakley Precinct by Precinct –

1–1 Beachmont VFW

Baker            315

Coakley         363

1-2 Liston Towers

Baker            236

Coakley         341

1-3 Rec Center

Baker            269

Coakley         309

2-1 Garfield School

Baker            170

Coakley         216

2-2 Hyman Towers

Baker            141

Coakley         223

2-3 Hyman Towers

Baker            38

Coakley         114

2-3A Garfield School

Baker            41

Coakley         41

3-1 Lincoln School

Baker            299

Coakley         298

3-2 Lincoln School

Baker            228

Coakley         294

3-3 St. Anthony’s

Baker            259

Coakley         316

4-1 American Legion

Baker            335

Coakley         308

4-2 Central Fire

Baker            288

Coakley         301

4-3 Lighthouse

Baker            364

Coakley         341

5-1 Pines Fire Station

Baker            362

Coakley         276

5-1A Satter House

Baker            204

Coakley         227

5-2 Satter House

Baker            169

Coakley         185

5-2A Freeman Street Fire Station

Baker            93

Coakley         146

5-3 Revere High

Baker            309

Coakley         316

6-1 St. Mary’s

Baker            475

Coakley         323

6-2 St. Mary’s

Baker            515

Coakley         350

6-3 North Revere Fire Station

Baker            202

Coakley 258

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