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Thank you for the help

To the Editor

I would like to say a genuine thank you to the citizens of Revere and the surrounding areas who participated in the recent Flea Market/Bake sale at the Revere Senior Center. There are so many people to thank.  First , I must thank the Revere Journal,  the Revere Advocate, Revere Cable, Morris Morris, the three Catholic Churches in revere : St Mary’s, St Anthony’s and the Immaculate Conception for allowing us to place our ads in their church bulletins, Glen DeRosa of the MIS  Dept. at City Hall, Carol Donovan who helped make our beautiful Lottery wreath.  Also, a Special thank you to Michael Hinojosa Director of the Parks and Recreation Dept. for the use of their tables and also to the young men from  the Parks and Recreations who took the time to set them up for us.   Thanks must go to Charlotte Ferrante, Joyce Di Nuccio, Diane Colella, Susan Gravellese, Stacey Rizzo, Patty Gallucci, and Mary Birritteri from East Point Rehab in Chelsea for all their various donations for our flea market.  A special thank you also to Vin Terrazano who is always there to help me and so many of us in our city by his kindness.

I want to thank so many of the various people who donated so many wonderful items.  This made for a successful event I also need to thank the wonderful people who took the time to bake for our bake sale and for the various people who donated to the bake sale via cash donations or brought such nice baked items for us to sell.  Again, we in Revere are truly fortunate to have so many caring about our Senior Center.

Now another thank you: to Stop and Shop on Squire Road and Winthrop Arms who gave us gift certificate for our raffle and the Jewelry Box who donated Jewelry for our event.  These businesses in Revere are always here for us in Revere.

The warmest thank you from me has to go to Stephen Fielding our Director who allowed this event to happen and showed such personal thankfulness to us for doing this event. A huge thank you goes Marisa Curiale who is the office Manager and much more at our senior center.  Marisa was so willing to help me with anything that we as a group needed to make this event a success.  Thank you to Salvatore Curiale who helped us so much by doing anything and everything that was asked by us to do. He never complained and just wanted to see this endeavor a success. I am totally blessed to work with such caring people along with our shuttle driver Jim who helped pick up items that our seniors had to donate as they needed the shuttle to bring the items to center.

Now a truly special thank you to each and every member of my volunteer group who attended my first meeting to get this going.  I had such a wonderful special kind and caring people who really showed me how working together for a goal is truly what Revere is all about These woman  and a few men were truly there for anything and everything from weekly meetings of setting up to even cleaning up from this event many hours and many discussions were addressed via phone  and e mails members of the Revere Women’s Club, the Patriots Seniors, the participants of the Senior Center and just people who I have known for so many years, many who are my friends in this city I want to say a grateful Thank You to all who helped me and the Rossetti- Cowan Senior Center.  I feel so much energized by all of your great collaboration efforts

Lois E. Diamond


Thank you for anotehr great season

To the Editor:

As the 22nd consecutive season of music and dance comes to a close at Maudslay Arts Center in the Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, it is time to recognize and thank the many volunteers, sponsors, and news media that make this amazing non-profit outdoor venue a reality each summer.

First we salute the local bank that has supported the center and the arts for many years and allows us to continue to offer excellent musical programs for reasonable cost – The Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank, which sponsored the Saturday night series.  This year attendance was up once again thanks to the fine entertainment offered at MAC and the continued publicity by so many media outlets – all the newspapers, magazines, radio stations, cable TV and online services that helped get our message out to the community to insure increasing attendance.

I would like to personally thank Carol Feingold, publicist; Robert Schledwitz, our valiant gardener, and MAC Board of Directors: Cynthia Costello, vice president; Nicholas J. Costello, president; Marie Messner, treasurer, and Steve DeGuglielmo, accountant. A special thanks to this year’s volunteers, who worked tirelessly to make this series happen: Marjorie Anderson; the Rev. Michael and Edna Shirley; Rena Roseman; Sue, Julia and Carolyn Tiernan; Jean and John  Lambert, Constance Collins, Tony and Lillian Riccio, Nancy Brogden, Deb LaChance, Sharon Russell, and Jeanne Smith.

We thank our patrons; the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation, particularly Ron Kovacs and staff at Maudslay State Park for their continued support of this most important regional resource, and the Friends of the Maudslay State Park.

On behalf of all of us at Maudslay Arts Center, our deepest thanks and best wishes to all. We hope to see all of you again next summer for our 23rd season and in the meantime check our website for future events at www.maudslayartscenter.org

Warmest regards,

Nicholas C. Costello

Executive Director, Maudslay Arts Center

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