Council Motions

The following motions werer discussed at the City Council meeting on Monday, August 25:

14-190 Motion presented by Councillor Powers: That the Mayor facilitate the repair of fencing that was damaged during the tornado at Revere High School along all of the residences which abut the high school property.

14-191 Motion presented by Councillor Morabito: That the Mayor contact CDR to erect signage at the entry of the breakwater off of Broadsound Avenue to warn individuals they are at risk of being stranded on the breakwater during tide changes. Currently, there is a sign ¼ of a mile away and is not visible at the breakwater.

14-192 Motion presented by Councillor Morabito: That the Mayor contact the Fire Chief to conduct an inspection of the electronic gate located on Mermaid Avenue to see if the gate will open in emergency situations, and allow entry of large emergency fire apparatus vehicles. If not, to take corrective action to prevent it from being a hazard. The recent stranding at the breakwaters off of Broadsound Avenue, and Mermaid Avenue allowing easy access to Broadsound Avenue, heightened the concerns of the Pierview Avenue residents.

Late Motions

Motion presented by Councillor Patch: That the Mayor contact Stop and Shop on Squire Road to request that they maintain their property; i.e., trash, fencing, landscaping in accordance with their agreement with the City.

Motion presented by Councillor Zambuto: That our State Delegation request DCR to immediately rescind the parking ban along Revere Beach Boulevard prohibiting parking after 10:00 P.M.

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