Thank You

Last Saturday was the type of day that you just wanted to roll over in bed and not be outside.

However, the weather did not deter more than 300 Revere residents from taking part in Mayor Dan Rizzo’s Revere Shine.

In the rain, these volunteers literally swept the streets and raked the open spaces removing debris that has been gathering for the last few months.

What is especially heartening is the fact that these residents showed their community spirit in adverse weather conditions.

The cleanliness of our city is a reflection on each one of us.  When our streets are dirty, then this is disappointing not only for us but also for others who may be visiting our city and wonder if this is the type of community that I want to live in and to invest money.

Saturday’s cleanup showed that Revere Shines in all types of weather.  This cleanup hopefully will inspire everyone to do their part in keeping our streets clean and homes kept up.

We say thank you to Saturday’s volunteers.

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