Ward 5 Voters Have a Preliminary

There will be a Preliminary Election in Ward 5 this September, with voters in the extensive district being the only voters to go to the polls to choose between three candidates.

Nomination papers were due into the Election Department on Tuesday afternoon, and while there didn’t seem to be too many surprises in store, Ward 5’s status was still in the balance until late in the day.

Incumbent Councillor John Powers was certainly running, and challenger Al Terminiello Jr. was clear with his intentions as well.

However, no one was quite sure what Satter House resident Billy Bell would do. He had taken out papers, but had been uncharacteristically quiet in the run-up to Tuesday’s deadline.

That seemed not to matter, though, as Bell turned in his papers and was certified by 4 p.m. – forcing a Preliminary.

A drawing for ballot position will take place on Aug. 16th, and the election will be held on Sept. 17th.

“I’m ready to get out there and work as I do every day,” said Powers. “Preliminary or no preliminary, I was ready to get out and work for re-election.”

Terminiello said he preferred to have a Preliminary Election and was happy to see that there would be an extended election season for Ward 5.

Bell did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The only other minor question was Ward 1, where incumbent Councillor Richard Penta and Challenger Gregg LaCedra had clear intentions, but Leah Singer was still up in the air.

She hadn’t been certified or turned in her papers by 4 p.m., and though she had another hour before the deadline, it didn’t appear she would be mounting a run.

That eliminated the possibility of a Preliminary in that ward.

For Councillor-at-Large, there are eight candidates for five seats:

•Brian Arrigo

•John Correggio

•Jessica Ann Giannino

•Bob Haas

•Tony Zambuto

•Walter Kovil III

•Steven Morabito

•George Rotondo

For School Committee, there are 10 candidates for six seats:

•Michael Ferrante

•Dan Maguire

•Donna Wood Pruitt

•Stacey Rizzo

•Fred Sannella

•Carol Tye

•Ricky Freni

•Susan Gravellese

•Juan Jaramillo

•Patrick Keefe, Jr.

All other offices were unopposed.

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