Big Meeting on Health Insurance

Revere was the host last Friday of a meeting of municipal and school leaders a well as community leaders who are calling on legislators to vote for  Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo’s municipal health insurance reform proposal, which was discussed by these leaders at the Rumney Marsh Academy.

Mayor Ambrosino led the leaders, all of whom said the time had finally arrived for the reform of health insurance programs for municipal workers that had become unsustainable.

There was an awful lot of common sense being heard at that meeting.

A city like Revere could save as much as $7 million in the next three years if DeLeo’s bill is passed.

That bill needs to be passed and everyone in government knows it.

Local taxpayers across the state will save about $100 million with health insurance reform.

Cost for health insurance has been stripping school budgets of money intended for educational programs.

Many municipal employees have health insurance policies that cost the cities and towns twice as much as similar policies in the private sector.

“That can’t go on,” said Mayor Ambrosino.

And he is right.


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