Public Safety First – Reverse 911 is worth the expenditure

Revere missed out on informing its citizens and water users of the crisis being faced when that pipe broke in Weston and all Massachusetts Water Resources members were forced to boil water to drink or to use.

Revere is now doing the right thing by attempting to persuade the city council as to the need for a better way to put out reverse 911 calls.

Of course, this takes money.

It will cost approximately $15,000 – $30,000 for a new system to be installed by the Fire Department and used during times of emergency.

The same thing is being done in Everett, where the need of such a new system is also required to make emergency notifications that much smoother and more effective.

The problem with the older systems is that all residents aren’t informed at the same time.

In Everett, it took 48 hours to notify all residents.

Here that number was at 72 hours.

We urge the city council to approve the funding the mayor is asking for in the Fire Department budget to pay for a technologically advanced electronic reverse 911 system.

It is absolutely necessary and needed if this city’s public safety is to be assured.

One thing the water crisis proved, is that we are vulnerable and that only with widespread information disseminated instantly, can we protect all our residents during times of strife.

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