Abrams wins

Corey Abrams victory over Richie Penta proves two things – hard work counted for everything in this race and Abrams wanted the seat more than Penta. Second, it proved that Penta’s career as a Ward councillor is finished for now. But watch out, he may be back if there are changes on the city council, where Penta is next in line for a seat.

Abram’s success rests on him being well-liked by the younger families in the Ward – and by his first time status – that is – he will be serving his first term as an elected politician. He doesn’t yet have the city hall taint that is causing so many voters to think about  rejecting old time names like Penta.

The most difficult task Abrams faces is how to comport himself as one of eleven. He should remain independent. He will gain more power this way – and he should remain himself – and he will have a nice long run in Ward I.

His is the first younger new face to come into local politics in quite some time. His election doesn’t change the politics in the city, it simply adds a new voice to the dissonance going on at city hall.

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