Police Briefs 04-15-2010

Shot taken, not a lot of words given

A Shirley Avenue man suffered a gunshot to the right hand last Saturday evening during a family barbecue, but those in attendance weren’t forthcoming with much information.

Officers responded to 109 Thornton St. and found EMTs treating a highly intoxicated man for a gunshot to his hand.

They immediately went to the backyard and found three people trying to clean up a large pool of blood with spray cleaner.

They were ordered to stop.

Witnesses said they didn’t see much, but had heard a loud bang about 15 minutes before police arrived.

Officers did find one bullet on the scene in the back porch area.

The victim also would not cooperate with police.

The matter will be further investigated when more information is available.

Now, kids, that’s how you skip school

Hundreds of Boston teen-agers returned to Revere Beach again this April for their second, unofficial senior skip day last Wednesday, April 7.

Last year, the mob scene on the Beach during an early season hot day was chaos and took state and local law enforcement completely by surprise.

This time, they appeared to be more prepared.

The crowd was much more orderly, and there was only two arrests on a similarly hot day.

Officers arrested a 16-year-old juvenile for rude and disorderly conduct after finding a friend carrying a knife.

The juvenile tensed up and squared off with police during a short skirmish that was quickly extinguished.

Breakers rescue

Monday at 8:24 a.m., the State Police Marine Unit received a call from a man who said he was trapped by rising water on a rock jetty at Revere Beach. The victim began frantically dialing 911 stating that he had walked out on the jetty, became stranded due to the rapidly rising tide, and was now unable to get back to shore.

Troopers Jeffrey Bulis and Robert Malloy of the State Police Marine Unit were dispatched in one of the department’s boats and arrived on scene shortly thereafter, where they located the 19-year-old man more than a quarter of a mile from the shore on a rock jetty jutting into the sea. The man was about to be overcome by the rising tide, which covered the route he had taken to walk to that point.

Trooper Bulis was able to navigate “Marine 9” through the rocky shoal while Trooper Malloy waited on the bow, ready to jump into the water to get the victim to safety. Trooper Bulis was able to get the safe boat close enough to the victim so that Trooper Malloy was able to reach out to the victim and pull him to safety.

The troopers were able to determine that the victim was unhurt and did not require any additional medical attention.

Troopers Bulis and Malloy transported the victim to the State Police Marine Base where he continuously thanked them for “saving my life.”

Armed carjacking

Two victims reported an armed carjacking at the Esquire Club last Sunday in the early morning hours.

The duo told police that they were leaving the Esquire Club at closing in their gray van. As they prepared to drive away, two Hispanic males approached them.

One of the males put a gun to the driver’s head.

Both demanded money and the vehicle.

As one of the victim’s tried to defend himself, the carjackers began punching and kicking him.

Finally, the victims abandoned the van and the two assailants fled in it.

Police noted that the victims did not report the crime until 20 minutes after it had happened.

The victims said they told someone else in the parking lot to call it in, but that was never done.

Car attack

Police are charging an Everett man with trying to run over a Lee’s Trailer Park resident last Thursday night.

A resident of the trailer park said he was walking on Pratt Street when he saw a Chevy Astro van pull into the roadway and, knowingly and deliberately, drive directly at him.

The man bailed out of the way just in time.

The van continued on.

Later, the man returned to the police station after seeing the van again and getting its plate number. Police followed the plate to the Everett man.

Marshall Murphy, 44, of Everett, will be charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon (motor vehicle).

Foot chase leads to a slew of MV charges

A foot chase on Oxford park led to the arrest of a 17-year-old last Wednesday morning.

A marked State Police cruiser tried to stop a white Ford Tempo at 1:30 a.m. April 7th on Oxford Park. The driver refused to stop and a very brief pursuit followed. The Tempo pulled to the side of Oxford Park and the driver jumped out.

He apparently failed to put the car into park prior to getting out, because the Tempo, unoccupied, rolled across the street and into a tree, causing minor visible damage. The driver could not be immediately found, but follow up investigation determined that he was Andrew Pucci, 17, and that he had neither a driver’s license nor permission to have the vehicle (car belonged to a relative).

Pucci was sent a citation for operating without a license, using a motor vehicle without authority, leaving the scene of property damage, failure to stop for police, negligent operation, and driving with no headlights.

Charges will be sought in Chelsea District Court.

The vehicle was returned to the owner.

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