Revere Cares – Organization receives well-deserved honor

The Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America has named Revere Cares as one of its national Coalitions of the Year in honor of its more than 13 year community wide effort to reduce alcohol and drug abuse by local teenagers.

Revere Cares lives or dies by its ability to draw in the community and to make changes through community involvement.

In both cases, Revere Cares has consistently succeeded.

Director Kitty Bowman thanked the CADCA for the award on behalf of everyone working with her at Revere Cares.

Revere Cares has been an advocate for increasing after school and summer job opportunities; improved access to substance abuse treatment and services.

It is hardly a coincidence that Revere showed a marked statistical decrease for youth substance abuse.

Revere Cares is all about changing attitudes about drinking and substance abuse among teenagers.

The reward it has received gives praise to those who certainly deserve it.

We applaud Revere Cares.

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