Governor makes political statement at Wonderland

Governor Deval Patrick asked State Senator Anthony Petruccelli to say a few words last week at Wonderland.

“You know, governor,” Petruccelli said. “The help you’ve given Revere during the past three years surpasses all the help given to Revere in the past 16,” a decided swipe at the Republicans who preceded Patrick.

Governor Patrick took Petruccelli’s cue.

“And while I’m at it, let me remind everyone here that the others running against me criticize me for what I have done and for what I am trying to do,” he said.

He suggested that some sloganeering might be in good form with the election around the corner.

“My campaign is about what I’ve accomplished and what must be done,” the governor said.

Let’s leave what’s wrong and what can’t be done to the others, he seemed to say.

Patrick has been campaigning throughout the state for the past month, taking his personal touch and plea to the electorate at a time when his ratings are at an all-time low.

In two recent stops in Revere, he deposited more than $30 million here for the public parking garage and the platform for the Ocean Avenue project.

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