President Zambuto – He will use a firm hand and a strong gavel

Councillor at Large Anthony Zambuto has been elected president of the city council for the 2010 legislative term.

We congratulate him on his victory but more importantly on the show of support given to him by all his colleagues.

There was a great deal of political jockeying this year before a final choice was made. With Zambuto as president, it is likely he will lead the council with a firm hand and a strong gavel.

Zambuto knows what is right and what is wrong; what has merit and what has none; and how city government ought to be.

He faces the improbable task of uniting the city council so it can rule with strength and unanimity.

And he takes over at a time when the mayor’s future hangs in the balance, with three colleagues who are maneuvering to become the next mayor of Revere.

We wish Tony Zambuto good luck and we congratulate him on his election as council president.

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