Alleged counterfeiters go broke in Revere

Some head’s up police investigating was right on the money last Wednesday, January 6, as Revere Police cashed in a Winthrop couple who was allegedly running a counterfeiting operation out of their home.

Police were alerted to counterfeit money being passed at Marshall’s in Revere last Wednesday evening.

Officers encountered Sofia Salami, 33, of Winthrop, at the Marshall’s, and she was allegedly using a fake name and identification. She apparently was buying items at the Marshall’s with fake money, then bringing back the items later to exchange for real cash.

The same scam had been perpetrated at a couple of other stores in the area.

After a search of Salami, officers allegedly found cocaine and other drug paraphernalia, as well as receipts for more than $1,000 in purchases. Outside, in her car, police found more phony money.

As is always the case with counterfeit money, police called in the Secret Service and they began interviewing the woman. Later, she told them that her husband was also involved.

Secret Service agents did interview the husband, and after some time were able to get consent to search their home at 90 Lincoln Ave. in Winthrop.

The agents and Officer Robert Impemba responded to the home in Winthrop, along with Winthrop Police, and found some compelling evidence.

Police found a laptop computer and printer with special antique paper boxes. Inside those boxes were several fraudulent $20 bills.

Officers also found many, many Marshall’s store bags in the home that were full of unopened clothing – allegedly waiting to be returned.

Solami was charged with illegal possession of a Class B drug (cocaine), possession of counterfeit bills and using false pretense to conduct larceny. Other charges may be pending from the federal government.

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