Aging gracefully runs in the family – Like her father before her, Carmella Sordillo carries mantle as Revere’s oldest resident

By Seth Daniel

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Revere’s oldest resident, Carmela ‘Cam’ Sordillo, is still going strong at 105 and she’s not the first one in her family to carry the title of oldest Revere resident.

Sordillo, who lives on Harris Street, turned 105 last July, and apparently hasn’t missed a step, according to her niece Dottie Hayes.

Sordillo’s father, Giovanni Sordillo, was the oldest resident of the city in 1975, when he turned 104.

Apparently, good genes run in the family.

“Her mind is very, very sharp,” said Hayes. “She can tell you about every current event because her eyes are still good and she reads the paper every day. She gets the Revere Journal every week and reads it as well.”

Sordillo was born in Boston in 1904 to Italian immigrant parents.

She was one in a family of eight that included four boys and four girls. The family moved to 86 Prospect Ave. and resided there for years.

When Carmela’s parents passed away, she remained in the home with her brother, Alfred.

Later, she moved to Tapley Avenue and worked several jobs as a secretary.

She traveled extensively in Europe, Hayes said, but these days she truly enjoys visits from her nephews and nieces and their children.

Recently, Hayes said Carmela was able to take a picture with five generations of the family.

“I was there and it was a wonderful moment,” said Hayes.

Councillor Tony Zambuto has put in a motion to honor Carmela at an upcoming City Council meeting, where she will be officially bestowed the title of oldest Revere resident – just as he father was before her.

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