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Incumbency has its advantages and since the state senatorial race kicked off last week, Dan Rizzo’s camp has increasingly seen the subtle advantages of incumbency used by State Rep. Anthony Petruccelli’s campaign.
After many years of having no ties or links to Revere whatsoever, Petruccelli now seems to be popping up to help Revere wherever he can within state government.
Last Monday, at the Revere City Council’s hearing on Roseland’s nefarious state legislation concerning Overlook Ridge, it was Petruccelli’s name that popped up as the committee chair who would save the day by killing the bill. Some of Rizzo’s colleagues and supporters believed it was a planted, political maneuver by those who are covertly supporting Petruccelli.
Who knows about that, but it was certainly worth noting that just as Petruccelli began running for a seat representing Revere, his name began popping up at the City Council for the media and cable TV cameras to hear…
Then, this week, Petruccelli’s blue ribbon commission studying the condition of beaches in and around Boston Harbor finally came out with their report. The commission began studying the condition of the metropolitan beaches last year, having eight public hearings in eight different locales. It was an intense and exhaustive study – and much needed.
But now comes political timing.
The report was actually released to the media and stakeholders back in January at a public meeting in Dorchester. However, for apparently “unknown” reasons, it’s public unveiling was delayed for months. We almost forgot about it completely.
However, Tuesday morning – at a very convenient time for the Petruccelli campaign – the report was finally unveiled. And, there was Petruccelli on WBZ radio giving a soundbite about Revere Beach to a reporter.
Where was state Sen. Jack Hart – the co-chair of the commission? Well, I guess he didn’t need to get elected to the Senate, because he wasn’t quoted in any of the initial media reports, though being present at all the meetings.
Is it wrong?
No way, it’s politics – and it’s well-within the rules of the game around here.
It is noteworthy to the Rizzo campaign because they should expect many, many more perfectly timed releases and home run saving “snow cone” catches (to use a baseball term) by Petruccelli in the next month or so of the election. The question is, what will the Rizzo camp do to counter this inherent incumbent advantage?

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