Revere Family Recognized by Aruba Tourism Authority As Ambassadors of Tourism for Their Many Years of Travel

Margaret Johnson and her Grandson Stephen Prizio have been traveling to Aruba for a combined total of 55 consecutive years. Johnson for 35 straight years and Stephen for    20 consecutive years.

Their choice of lodging for their trip is the Divi Divi All-inclusive Resort in Aruba. It’s called the birthday trip, every year in March for 2 weeks, for rest and relaxation. They both enjoy traveling to Aruba and have met and kept many longtime friends in Aruba, look forward to their visit with them, and enjoying what the Island has to offer in food and customs.

Margaret Johnson for her 35 consecutive years of visitation was awarded an Honorary Emerald Ambassador Title and certificate. Stephen Prizio for his 20 years of traveling to Aruba was given the title of Honorary Goodwill Ambassador, along with a certificate.

Speaking to both during the interview, Margo and Stephen mentioned the wonderful treatment they constantly enjoy, and friendliness of everyone they have met in their many years of traveling. Margo and Stephen have no intensions of changing their travel plans for March 2025, and are ear to see their friends in Aruba.

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