EBNHC To Honor Health Equity Leaders at Art of Health Care Reception

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East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC), soon to be NeighborHealth, is thrilled to announce the Art of Health Care fundraising event at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston on June 12. This year’s reception will include the 2024 Health Equity Awards where six recipients will be honored.

The Art of Health Care event allows EBNHC, the largest community-based primary care health system in Massachusetts, to provide greater support to programs and services dedicated to eliminating barriers to care due to social factors such as race, language, and economic mobility. All funds raised will have a transformative impact on vulnerable populations by supporting numerous EBNHC programs. This includes providing coordinated health and wellness care to children with developmental and cognitive disabilities; supporting older adults stay healthy and independent in the community; and developing educational training programs for the next generation of healthcare professionals.

“The 2024 Health Equity Awards give us a rare opportunity to publicly celebrate six individuals and organizations who, through their work, have improved the lives of the communities served by our health center,” said Greg Wilmont, President and CEO of the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. “From the iconic MFA, we will honor leaders who understand the power of social determinants to drive health outcomes and have made addressing them a major focus of their personal and professional lives.”

EBNHC is honored to recognize the following changemakers who have helped break down barriers to care for our most vulnerable communities throughout Greater Boston:

• Dr. Thea L. James, MD, MBA. Vice President of Mission, Boston Medical Center is to be recognized as Health Equity Champion for her leadership in dismantling medical mistrust in Boston’s Black community.

• Alberto Vasallo, III. CEO/ President of El Mundo Boston is to be recognized as Health Equity Champion for his commitment to partnering across sectors to reduce health disparities in Boston’s Latinx community.

• Dr. Gerald Hass, MD. Co-Founder, South End Community Health Center is to be recognized as Health Equity Trailblazer for co-founding the South End Community Health Center more than 50 years ago.

• Jack Cradock, President Emeritus, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center is to be recognized as Health Equity Trailblazer for being an early and ardent advocate of community-based health systems in Massachusetts.

• Rita Sorrento, Chair, Board of Directors, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center is to be recognized as Health Equity Trailblazer for her longtime healthcare, education and community advocacy.

• Seae Ventures, LLC, an investment firm specializing in early-stage healthcare technology and services companies, will be recognized as Health Equity Partner for uplifting talented entrepreneurs committed to addressing health and social challenges.

“These leaders inspire us on our journey toward achieving heath equity and we are honored to present them with these awards,” said EBNHC Vice President of Development and Chief Human Resources Officer Steven Snyder. “Just as an artist creates a masterpiece with precision and care, addressing disparities is no different; it is complex work that requires perseverance and creativity from all who champion it.”

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