Patsy Tata’s Legacy Lives On Through His Firefighter Grandsons

By Melissa Moore-Randall

For 36 years, Patsy “Pat” Tata proudly served on the Revere Fire Department. Today, five of his grandsons are also serving in the department creating a unique family legacy.

Dylan and Tyler Stuart, Michael and Seth Amato, and Matthew Tata not only are following in the footsteps of their grandfather, but boasting with pride doing so. 

Dylan and Tyler Stuart are the sons of Pat’s daughter, Maria, and retired firefighter Michael Stuart.  

Dylan has been a firefighter since 2021. “I’ve wanted to be a firefighter for as long as I can remember. I spent a lot of time in the firehouse with my father growing up and was enamored by the sights and sounds. As I grew older I still held that dream as I knew I wanted a career field where I could help people. My Papa, Dad, and older brother have always been my three biggest role models so to continue in their footsteps is a dream come true. Our grandfather loved his family more than anything. To see his grandchildren follow in his footsteps, in a career field that makes a difference every day, would’ve made him extremely proud.” 

Tyler has been a firefighter for 11 years serving as a private/firefighter and a driver/pump operator on Engine 1.  

“My grandfather and father were my heroes growing up. The guys who could do anything in my eyes and they chose to be Revere firefighters and dedicate their lives to helping others at the risk of their own well being. Since I could remember I’ve always wanted to do the same.  To be able to follow in your family’s footsteps and continue a legacy started by a man we all admired so much is an overwhelming source of pride. I don’t think words could express how proud my grandfather would be. He wasn’t a boastful man but when it came to his family he could not say enough. He preached family values and selflessness, all integral parts of the fire service.” 

Seth and Michael Amato are the sons of Pat’s daughter, Lisa. 

Seth has been with the department for eight months and is the son of Pat’s daughter, Lisa.  He is considered the “rookie” of the grandsons.  

“I wanted to be a firefighter because I love helping others. I always knew my grandfather and Uncle were firefighters, and I took great pride in that. Although I think the biggest influence for me was when I was young and my older brother Michael who was a major father figure to me became a firefighter and continued that family legacy for the next generation of us. I could not be more proud to say that I am part of a legacy of firefighters. As the youngest firefighter not only in my family, but in the entire department, I do feel extra motivation to do my family’s name justice and continue on the standard that has been set by those before me. I think our Grandfather would be astonished and proud. He made such an incredible impact on all of us and he would love to see the fruit of his labor.”

Michael has been a firefighter for 14 years and works in group 1 and is the tillerman on Ladder 1. 

“It would have been hard not to at least consider being a firefighter growing up with my grandfather. He was a huge inspiration, and role model. Following his example seemed like second nature. He was proud of his accomplishments and acknowledged his place in the community but was very humble about it. All of this combined pushed me heavily to being interested in a career as a firefighter. It is amazing being a legacy. It adds a history and gravity to the job. It also adds some pressure, knowing all of my decisions and actions ultimately reflect on my grandfather and other family members. I know my grandfather was proud. He was still alive when I joined the fire department. It definitely brought a smile to his face. Knowing that there were 5 of us now would bring him untold delight. He loved family, both immediate and extended, he stressed us remaining close and connected. Thinking of his grandchildren doing that at the kitchen table in the firehouse or at a fire scene, watching out for each other would absolutely make his day.” Matthew is the son of Pat’s son Mark and has been with the department for four years. “The only thing I would like to add is how impressive my grandfather was as a man. He was larger than life, truly a classic example of “they don’t make them like that anymore”.   He was accomplished, intelligent, popular, and very hard working. He knew everyone, he participated in so much within the community, he was very well liked, and through all of this business he still managed to be a dutiful family man as his family was the most important thing to him, ranking highest with God and the church. We stand on the shoulders of a giant and miss him everyday. My brother once said that, “When I drive by their (our grandparents) old house he likes to pretend that they are still in there, and he just has not visited in a bit.” Above all he was just so authentic. With all of the tertiary duties and events running through his head, through all his years of being such a busy person, when any of his grandchildren walked in for a visit, all he wanted to hear about was our life and how we were doing.”

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