A.C. Whelan School Honors Star Readers

By Melissa Moore-Randall

Last week, students in Grade 3, 4, and 5 at the A.C. Whelan were treated to a pizza party with Principal Rachel Shanley. Students were honored for having the highest lexile growth from the Fall to the Winter on the student reading inventory, which assesses Reading comprehension.

Principal Rachel Shanley was so excited for the celebration. “These celebrations for grades 3, 4 and 5 were the highlight of my week! It was so refreshing to celebrate these students and their amazing growth they have made. During the celebration, the students shared that there have been many factors that have contributed to their growth and love of reading:  teachers, family members, extra practice, peers, etc. The most exciting part was to hear what our students hopes/dreams are for the future! Some of those are builder, teacher, astronaut, soccer player and a catcher in baseball. One student shared that he is grateful to his mom for exposing him to so many books at a young age and then providing more difficult books as his reading improved. As a building leader, it was a very proud day for me. Students left my office and felt proud of themselves and motivated to continue to grow their reading skills. Thank you to our literacy coach, Stefanie Porrazzo, for planning this wonderful celebration. I look forward to many more!”

Congratulations to all of the students.”

Grade 3 Felipe De Barros Noletto, Valentina Loncarevis. Amelia Janji, Briana Carranza, Yasmine Ben Mustapha, Ashley Baires Morales

Grade 4

Grace Davidhi, Alexis Hernandez Gutierrez, Aaron Landaverde Arriago, Ranya El Andalosy, Asaphe Ramalho Sovannmuni Chhim, Ethan Ducasse

Grade 5

Roman Brangiforte, Joaquin Aquize Arenas, Leah Ladino, Walid Benelbaida, Noah Perez, Adam Mohamed, Damien Landaverde Robles

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