School Committee Member Jacqueline Monterroso Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser

School Committee Member Jacqueline Monterroso held a campaign kickoff fundraiser Aug. 31 at Las Delicias Colombianas on Shirley Avenue.

Revere’s popular State Rep. Jessica Giannino delivered an enthusiastic introductory speech and message of support for Monterroso, giving the candidate a huge boost in her bid for election.

“I was privileged and honored when Jackie asked me to be here today and to introduce her,” Giannino said. “And that’s for so many reasons. When I first met Jackie, I realized one of the most important things to Jackie was some of the community and family values that I shared. We both cared about good schools. We both cared about good teachers. We both cared about making sure our students felt engaged in the process.”

Giannino credited Monterroso as “a person who really is a voice reflective of the students, who can relate to them differently on a generational level, and because of her background and how she grew up, knowing the experiences that the students felt.”

Giannino also noted Monterroso’s impressive background in the field of education. A graduate of the University of Florida, Monterroso holds a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Miami. She is a former kindergarten teacher and works for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

“She’s dedicated her professional life to working with students, right through college participating in Teach for America,” said Giannino.

Monterroso thanked Giannino for “your kind words and your friendship.”

“From my summers of student teaching, through my years as a kindergarten teacher, and now as I serve in the Department of Education and on the School Committee, I have dedicated my career to serving and representing all students, educators, and faculty,” said Monterroso.

Monterroso said her dedication and passion for education and in her professional career “makes me the ideal candidate to continue serving on the School Committee.”

Monterroso noted in remarks that she is the first person of Latina descent to serve on the Revere School Committee. She spoke about some of her accomplishments during her time on the School Committee.

“As your School Committeewoman, I will continue to ensure that our students have access to college and career readiness,” said Monterroso. “I will strengthen our educator retention system. I will also work to increase our family engagement because our parents deserve a permanent seat at the table.”

Monterroso asked that residents consider her for one of their six votes in the election on Nov. 7.

“A vote for me is a vote for your child, for our teachers, for our families, and it’s a vote for Revere. Thank you all so much,” concluded Monterroso.

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